Set of 4

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SET OF 4…These rod holder tops are made of tear resistant UV enhanced synthetic rubber polymer which gives them a longer life in the sun. They are designed to fit any pipe/tubing with 2″OD and provide excellent protection for your reel and minimize movement of your rod. They fit many of the rod/cooler racks currently on the market. These work great for boats rod holders as well as with sand spike rod holders, etc. Work with PVC, aluminum, etc. Proudly Made in the USA.

Instructions: Simply apply a bead of silicone to the inside of the “REELMATE” before putting it on the tube of the rod/cooler rack or the tube used for sandspike. Tube size of 1-7/8″ OD will require a heavier bead of silicone. PVC glue also works when attaching to PVC tubing. If gluing is not preferred method of attachment then 3 to 4 rounds of electrical tape will create a very good compression fit. Gluing and taping also work well together.