RodRack 28 Adjustable:


RodRack 28: The industry's first totally adjustable rod holder system.

“The Ideal Choice for Center Consoles”

  • Totally adjustable rod holder system
  • Unique design allows both transporting rods and trolling
  • Mounts vertically, horizontally, and on angled surfaces
  • Versatile mounting capabilities
  • Adjustable individual rod holders (can be set at any angle)
  • Anodized aluminum for superior corrosion resistance (black or bright aluminum)
  • Quick removal and attachment for storage
  • Uses: boats, vehicles (bumpers; tool boxes; truck beds, etc.; garage walls)
  • Custom holders available

The “RodRack” series….the industries’ first totally adjustable rod holder system. Our unique pat. pending design, we call our “add-a-mate” system, allows rod holders to be mounted at virtually any location and angle on the mounting bar. The entire system can be removed and reattached by simply loosening 2 screws leaving the decorative mounting collars attached for future quick connection. With extra sets of mounts installed at other locations, the system can be moved from one location to another using the same rod holder. The “RodRack” series is so versatile switching from transport to trolling is as simple as loosening 2 screws, adjusting the pitch of the holders and re-tightening the 2 screws. All connections use the same tool….included.