Bait cutting and fish cleaning table. Use for surf fishing or lake fishing. Attaches easily and quickly to vehicle's receiver hitch. Extended arm allows table to be used when tailgate is lowered for easy access to tackle and other gear and basically becomes extension of vehicle's cargo area. Can also be used with tailgate in closed position.

1. Adjustable mounting arm
      a. 2 horizontal adjustments allow "FirstMate" to be used with a     variety of vehicle models
b. 3 vertical adjustments allow table to adjusted to desired               height for ease and comfort
2. Cutting table
     a. 2 knife slots, located at top and each side of table for right       and left hand applications, allow for temporary and secure     placement of knife between cleaning and filleting of fish and     bait     
b. 1 accessory hole located at bottom and center of table for         hanging towel (included), pliers, or other equipment.
4 Rod holders
   4. "FirstMate" towel
   5. Towel hook
   6. Mounting hardware

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